Warning: I might offend you. If I do, I’m sorry. My goal is not to make fun of you or make you feel inferior in any way. This is an honest attempt to get to the bottom of why this(my) generation takes selfies at such a high rate.

The original intention of a photograph was to capture an image worth remembering, to memorialize something, someone or an event. So this obviously raises the question: Is a picture, or multiple pictures, of you in your bathroom displaying your outfit for the day worth memorializing? Of course the answer is no. I have a few things to say to the young men and ladies of the world in regards to taking selfies:

To all the young ladies out there: STOP IT.

You’re Beautiful. I am sorry you don’t hear it more often. I know you’re thinking, “Not me,” but yes, you. I know what you’re thinking now, “But you have never seen me.” You’re right, maybe I haven’t, but I don’t need to: You’re beautiful. If the question is: “If I put a picture of you side by side with a picture of super model, would you look the same?” The answer is no. If the question is: “Are you ridiculously beautiful, in your own unique, God designed way?” The answer is yes. You are a prize to be had. I know you are worried no one else thinks so, but trust me they do.
It is extremely vain. This one might hurt a bit, but have you ever considered how prideful it is to constantly post pictures of yourself doing nothing? Again, I am sorry you don’t get complimented often enough, but the answer isn’t selfies. The answer is finding your self-worth in Christ and feeling His love and approval. I get it, sometimes you need to see how your outfit looks, but that is what mirrors are for. And if you don’t have a mirror, that’s fine too. You can take a picture of yourself, but it doesn’t have to go on Instagram.

To all the young men out there: STOP IT.

You’re cool. Or tough, or sexy, or rugged, or whatever it is your going for. I know you have to compete with guys around you. I know you think if you don’t show others how cool you are, no one will ever see it. This is counter-intuitive though, when you think about it. People only know you are cool because you told them? That’s not very cool at all.
It’s extremely vain. Okay, it’s man to man here so I can be a bit more blunt. If I see one more picture of you flexing your abs in the mirror I think I am going to puke. You are showing off, plain and simple. You know when you see a girl with a short skirt and a really low cut top and you think, “Someone is desperate for attention.” That is exactly what is happening when you post selfies. I get it, you worked hard for that six pack. You are proud of the hard work you put in, but it doesn’t need to go on Instagram. I understand the celebrity you look up to probably posts pictures of himself, but that doesn’t make it any less prideful when you do it.

At the end of the day, male or female, we post selfies out of our insecurities. We are aching for approval. We want people to know how beautiful we are or how “cool” we are. We need others to know that we are worth something. If you call yourself a follower of Christ, I pray that you realize you are worth more than you know. You are worth an amount more than a million selfies could accomplish. Let’s take it upon ourselves to learn how to compliment one another. Let’s learn how to uplift and not tear each other down. Most of all, let’s learn that our identity lies in Christ. We were wonderfully and fearfully made. We are God’s handiwork. He created us perfect in His sight! Open your Bibles and read just how much God loves you. I pray that as Christians we can come together to end the insecurity epidemic of this generation.

Peace out.


Still figuring it all out. Anxious to learn more.

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One comment on “Selfies
  1. joseph says:

    I do selfies all the time…but I am old school. I use chalk and canvas. Great stuff bro.

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