Chasing Perfection / John 15

Perfection.  Most of us desire perfection somewhere in our lives. Some of us fine tune our bodies to their max potential in a specific sport. Others spend hours each day tweaking their motorcycle so it will run perfectly. Maybe, hopefully, there are some of us who try to reach our max potential as Christians. This is all good and well, it is our human nature to strive for perfection. Maybe that is why we find God so interesting, because He is perfect and we know we will never be perfect. God himself is perfect but it goes further, Jesus says that God is always trying to perfect “His vine” by clearing out the dead branches and pruning back the fruitful branches so that they might be even more fruitful. That vine is us, we are mini-side branches on God’s vine and God wants us to reach our max potential–our full maturity. But why? Is it to attain our salvation? No, that isn’t why and don’t listen to those who try to guilt you into “being a good Christian so you can make it into heaven.”  If we do good deeds, God is pumped. If we fail, however, God’s grace is more than enough.

This passage about “God’s vine,” goes on to explain why He trims the vine. God trims the vine, it says, so He can “show who He is” and so “His joy might become your joy and your joy wholly mature.”  I find that interesting and scary. God shows the world who He is through us. As the old saying goes, “We might be the only version of Jesus people ever meet.  So how should we represent God you ask?  Well Jesus says we should come across as love, “make yourselves at home in my love, so that you can love.”  So is that it? No,  Jesus goes on to explain that as humans, we reach our fully maturity by loving others or as Jesus puts it, “I tell you these things that your joy may be complete.”

Here is a message to myself every time I start to get selfish: LIFE IS BETTER WHEN IT IS SPENT SERVING & LOVING OTHERS. This is how the human machine was built. God built it so it would operate at it’s peak level when it is loving others. Selflessness = peak operating level.  Our joy is complete when we are showing the world who God is by passing on His love to others.

Dang bigs.  What do you guys think? Is it scary to think God uses us like this?  Is it ridiculous to think that we were designed to operate this way?

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Still figuring it all out. Anxious to learn more.

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