Horse & Buggy


Charles Spurgeon once told a story about a massive hill in the town where he grew up.  On this hill was one of the main roads that took you out of town.  He recalls one day hearing a loud scream coming from the steep hill.  It turned out it was the sound of a horse and buggy accident.  You see, the buggy gained too much speed and trampled the horse that was pulling it.  This horse had taken loads down this hill many times in the past, but on this particular day the horse was overcome by the buggy.

We see this same situation in our own lives.  We have a load we are carrying; a certain vice, maybe a web of lies or a sin we ‘have in check.’  “It was just a small lie,” we might say, “It’s only a little gossip.”, or “I don’t commit that sin very often.”  We go day to day, making the same trip down the same hill and the secret sin in our lives seems to stay under control.   Until one day, that sin, for whatever reason, comes up to overtake us and tramples us.   The weight of a secret sin coming to light is a heavy burden to bear.  In the past, I have been foolish enough to think that my sin could stay between myself & God, but it always has a way of coming out.  

We must make a habit of opening ourselves up, wholly vulnerable to the Holy Spirit.  We must ask God to inspect our lives for any hidden sins.  We must have people in our lives who can be honest with us, who know the right questions to ask and which areas to probe.  Ultimately, it is our pride that makes us believe we can sin and keep it a secret.  This of course is a good instance to remember that pride comes before the fall.  Having humility allows us to be okay with failure.  It allows us to know that we definitely have sin in our lives, sin that needs to be given over to God.  

Do you have any sins you are trying to keep secret? I encourage you to bring them to light, for it will be much easier to bear than when they bring themselves to light.

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‘Just’,’little’ and ‘often’, in the second paragraph, are in bold for a reason.  As I was writing I recalled an A.J. Swoboda tweet, as he quoted Steven King saying, “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” I wanted to give credit where credit is due. So Mr. Sowboda & Mr King, you don’t know me and probably won’t read this, but thanks for the insight!


Still figuring it all out. Anxious to learn more.

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