Dishes or March Madness?

“I have never lived with him.”

That was George Whitefield’s simple response when asked about the character of a certain man.

I will be the first to admit it; I love to read and I love acquiring knowledge.  Reading and learning is great, but God has been teaching me something lately:  What is the point of having knowledge if you don’t have character?  Ouch.  The truest test of character, as implied by Whitefeild, comes within the confines of one’s own home.  This might be a spouse, a parent, a sibling or simply a roommate.  It is easy to have great character when the spotlight is on, but what about when it comes to serving those we are closest to?

When contemplating my character, God reminded me of this last Easter Sunday.  Amanda and I went to my parents house, with my two sisters and their respective husbands, to have dinner.  After stuffing my face, I promptly proceeded to the living room where I found a seat in a comfy, over-sized recliner.  I then began to teeter back and forth between napping and watching college basketball.  As I was nodding off, I heard the distant sounds from the kitchen of dishes being done.  My sister Brittney and her husband Dan had graciously volunteered.  Then, I distinctly remember the following conversation taking place in my thought-cooker, “You should get up and help with dishes… No… just rest.  You are tired from all the serving you did at church this morning.” (Insert the sound of a car screeching to a halt, followed by God slapping me.)  Unfortunately, moments like those reveal our character.  Moments like these show me that I am more concerned with “appearing” to have character, than actually having character.  If one of the guys I am mentoring was around, I most likely would have hopped up off the recliner and helped with the dishes.

If I were the only example of a Christian you could observe, would you find Jesus all that attractive?

I encourage you to ask yourself that question! I hope it can challenge you, as it is continually challenging me!

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Still figuring it all out. Anxious to learn more.

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