Pastor or Car Salesman?

Disclaimer: If you are reading this on your phone and have company around you, (Spouse, friends, etc.) please stop reading this and be with who you are with.

A few weekends ago, I went car shopping and I realized something: Car salesmen forget how it feels to be a normal person looking to buy a car. I am convinced of it. If only they knew how off-putting and unpractical they sound, “We don’t have car X, but we do have car Y with more miles that is also way out of your price range.” I feel if the salesmen knew how aggravated we tend to get, that they would try different tactics.  A few times I felt like saying to one salesman, “You are the reason car salesman get such a bad rap!”  Luckily, my wife Amanda was there to keep my temper under control.

Unfortunately, I feel like pastors can be like car salesmen at times.  I have heard dozens of messages on the idea of “walking with God daily.” Having preached a few sermons myself, I know I have preached things similar to,“You need to connect with God daily!” So if we tirelessly hear it and endlessly preach it, why is it so difficult to be consistent in our walk with God? (Albeit, we have the whole “fallible human nature” problem working against us while we are trying.) I think what could help is to offer people practical and strategic ideas, instead of throwing the blanket statement out there of,  “You must make God a priority!” Okay, that’s great Pastor, I will give it a shot, but how should I go about doing that?

When I contemplated that question, “How do I improve on living for God daily?”  I simply wrote down the word that I feel God has been impressing on me, both for my own life and for those I lead: DAILY.  I know acrostics are antiquated and have been in use long before overhead projector days, but I have found this one particularly useful:

 Devotions – If we don’t daily spend time with God, is He really a priority?

  Action – If we don’t daily act on our faith, what’s the point?

  Intercession – If we don’t daily intercede for others, we are selfish with the grace we have received.

  Listen – If we don’t daily listen to God, we are driving without directions.

  Yes – If we don’t daily say “yes” to God, is He really our Lord?

At first I made the mistake of treating this as a checklist, but God doesn’t want to be another item only to be crossed off a list.  Do not make the same mistake I did!  God wants to be inseparably interwoven into our day-to-day life.  So rather than having a checklist, I have begun to take time every few days to reflect on my daily walk with God.  I use DAILY to help generate questions to evaluate how I have been doing. For example, I will ask, “Has there been a time where I shrunk back and avoided talking about God at work?”  Then I try to delve deeper, “Why did I shrink back?  What fear is at the root of this?  God, give me courage!” So use DAILY to generate your own questions!

Which part to you find hardest to do each day?

What questions are you asking?

Feel free to e-mail me your thoughts, comments and feedback to and be sure to follow me on twitter: @bcthegeek


Still figuring it all out. Anxious to learn more.

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